Killings and Politics: The violence consuming our Shared Common Life Together

We should read these articles. Let’s not ignore these stories. We should be upset and confused that this has been happening for too many decades. Columbine was the first mass shooting that I’m aware of (there may be some earlier) but young people were/are under attack long before that time. Young people in our cities have experienced death on a tragic scale. We are all implicated by indifference.

Let’s do something about loneliness, violence, mental health, anger, firearms, family disintegration, and the reality that too many young people in our city, suburban, and rural schools are being killed by their classmates and peers. I realize my children or yours could be next. Do you? How can we not do something? By being willing to change our own lives and sacrifice our own certainties we will occupy the space between and experience the wholeness that God intended. Practice neighboring. Learn the names of young people around you. It’s a start. Tired of this happening and it getting swept under the rug. #comelordjesus #gunproblem #violenceproblem #jesus #peaceandwholeness #drawnear #proximityisimportant