Astonished Waiting: The Hope of New Possibility

I invite you to Woodland Heights Baptist Church in Richmond, VA this morning at 11 am as I kick off a new sermon series titled “Astonished Waiting.”

Message Title: The one about new possibility.

Message Text: 1 Sam 8:4-20; 11:14-15

“You know that feeling when it seems like the world is against you? You ask yourself, ‘How much more can I endure? When will this end?’ You feel like your shoulders can’t get any tighter and your heart can’t beat any faster and you stand at the precipice of despair but simply cry out within your mind because crying out loud will change nothing, ‘Do you even care God how this turns out?’

How often do we wonder if a new future is possible amid bareness that renders us hopeless and bitter?”

When we’re hopeless it’s like we’ll do almost anything to make the emptiness be filled and feel secure. We’ll fill the void with promises and yearning just to have something to hold onto.

Hope you can join us. Here are some specifics about this morning’s message.