Introducing tangible expressions of hope into relationships?

It is the only way to really live.

Do you really think hope cannot be tangibly expressed? Do you think it is a dream?

When we introduce alternative stories into each other’s lives hope can spring forth. A sudden burst of laughter with a loved one welcomes a brief glimpse of hope into the grieving heart immersed in darkness. Taking time to listen to an aging parent who no longer has their spouse with which to share, fractures expected loneliness providing a glimpse of hope. The way you share an alternative understanding about life with your friend may lead to a new way of leaning into the future. The feelings or ways we live that are unhealthy can meet their end when new and innovative stories are introduced where they are not expected. Hope will then spring forth in real and tangible ways.

Take some time each day to smile or laugh with the person in your life who is grieving. Take a moment to call the parent or grandparent that thinks they’re alone. Share some good news with your pessimistic friend.

In 1999 the Gospel of Jesus was shared with me. It was a story that ended my old life. I died. But, the old life needed to die in order for there to be a new life to live. Now i realize, until I took to heart that story of hope, I wasn’t really living.

Practice hope each day. When you do entire lives might be made new.

– Inspired by John 12:20-26 –