Ending loneliness in each other’s lives?

It does matter in the scheme of things.

You think friendliness towards others doesn’t?

Unexpected gestures of friendliness can transform a day. A non-verbal acknowledgment of another person’s existence sharing the same side-walk, a simple greeting to the passerby, or the random half-dozen fresh-baked cookies for your neighbor connects people to their community and to each other. Loneliness is running rampant in the lives of people we encounter each day.

A dose of friendliness is just what the doctor ordered.

Before you know it, people you never noticed that you encountered each day will become familiar faces. Fear of others will disintegrate. Transformed days will become transformed weeks. Transformed weeks will become transformed years. The years of life will become a little friendlier and loneliness will eventually be swept away.

Practice friendliness and before you know it you’ll be loving your neighbor, the stranger, and even enemies.