Common Miracles?

You’ve got it all wrong.

You think interruptions to routine are simply inconvenience?

Sudden disruptions to our routines by other common everyday occurrences shouldn’t be ignored, may provide glimpses of the Kingdom of God, and form who we are becoming in Christ. We are often too distracted by those unexpected occurrences or too upset they happened that we miss the reality of what is happening in our midst.

These routine disruptions are too important to ignore because they are likely common miracles in which God is inviting us to participate in at that moment. The prayer before a staff meeting, sudden laughter with family or friends, the request for help from the stranger on the street are all different ways we might encounter common miracles.

These miracles are too important for followers of Jesus to miss. Point out these occurrences to yourself and others and before you know it, everyone around you will be fully immersed in God’s story on earth as in heaven.

"Enjoying a cup daily..."

“Enjoying a cup daily…”