Book Review – The Money Experiment

Book Review of Ryan Pugh’s The Money Experiment: A Community Practice in Financial Simplicity

Ryan Pugh’s, The Money Experiment, is one of those little gems that invites the follower of Christ to answer a faith identity question. It isn’t a stewardship “self help book” offering an explanation of how to manage your money in a Christian way, increase your offering to Church, or the five points of biblical generosity. It is a faith traveler’s guide book with a touch of the prophetic asking the reader to acknowledge, “Everything is God’s.” This reviewer found himself immersing into the practical “experiments” offered in each chapter fully convicted by the way I steward part of “God’s everything.” I recommend this book for the person or community of people desiring to attempt practical steps in living out a core identity value of humanity’s identity as stewards with God. I look forward to more offerings from Mr. Pugh.

By Tom Lynch