College World Tour: Day 2

Wahoo wa. Wahoo wa. Uni – V. Virginia!

So there is probably a way all the Hoos would actually write that, sell the shirt, and take over the world but it was my first attempt. Please hold the applause.

Day 2:

0 to 60 at some point as we left Richmond on I-64 after Josh’s morning breakfast with a Virginia Commonwealth Student. By 12:30 we were sitting in traffic at The Corner as students parted the sea of cars crossing back and forth from campus. They were going to have to try much harder though to stop me from enjoying my first sub from famous Littlejohns Deli with Lauren Houck, Krista Barry, and Val McDonald (not Thompson – definitely embarrassing when you’re meeting someone for the first time and you assign them a new last name as well as ask her how she is related to other tall folk from McLean Baptist Church – Thanks for your gracious understanding Val!).

There were hugs all around and I noticed Krista and Lauren especially had an enthusiastic giddiness about devouring a greasy sub! After my departure expectation of “3 days of sub shops” being shattered on day one the three UVA students help me glimpse the college food promised land. Similar to Day 1 we shared great conversation and good food. I’ve really enjoyed the fact that all of our students are so personable. Good job parents!

I had hoped for Val to fill the air with a French Aria (are those only in Italian) after learning she spent time in the Provence, France during a study abroad and would be leaving our lunch hour for a voice lesson but it was not to be. I look forward to continued conversations with her as she graduates and pursues development work in Charlottesville.

It also appears Charlottesville has been good to Lauren. What great news to learn she declared her major (follow her on Twitter to learn more @laurenrocks6192). I changed my major 5 times over a two year period. It was really great to spend a bit of time with someone the kids in the youth group often talk about with such fondness. I can see why. What a delight!

It was especially good to see Krista on her own turf. She greeted me with her usual friendly welcome and striking smile and began lobbying (her Mom would be proud) for greasy sub experiences. I was glad to hear she is enjoying UVA so much, has a chance to get lunch with Lauren weekly, and is simply embracing the college experience. She was also most curious to learn (sorry Bobby I got you in trouble) that her brother might not be coming to UVA in coming weeks. I told her there was still time to tip the scales towards convincing him to make the trip with Maddie Templeton.

We departed lunch by taping film number 3 and walked across campus together. We got some great “U-V-A” pictures beside the rotunda, shared some more laughs, and eventually parted ways.

As I soaked in a bit more of UVA atmosphere while sitting on the lawn it occurred to me that these three are going to do really well. I wished I’d had more time to get to know them better back in McLean. Hopefully it can still happen even though they’re away at school.

On the road again!

The plan progressed and I had to delay my dinner with Spenser since we were way behind after a stop in Lynchburg but it worked out for the best…at least for me. We arrived in Blacksburg, VA at 10 pm last night, checked in, and I found out that Mitch Ruloff would be able to join Spenser and I this morning at Gillie’s for a late breakfast.

So begins Day 3!






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  1. John says:

    Tom, at THE UNIVERSITY it is not the “campus” it’s the “grounds” , but what can you expect from a “spartan “…, John (did you learn the three things Jefferson stated he wanted on his tombstone?)


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