Stewardship of the Future

We just finished a three part series on Stewardship at McLean Baptist with an emphasis on stewardship of the future. We arrived at a place of understanding as a congregation that stewardship of the future is manifested primarily in the authenticity of our relationships today, the use of our skills today, and the use of our resources today so that tomorrow has a story.

A big part of the sermon incorporated words about technology. How it can be great but also how it will never be a substitute for visiting the hospital, taking someone to a shelter, or having a cup of coffee. We then told the church we were going to use Twitter to help us communicate! So funny. Yes, we did do this on purpose.

After the service a new friend named Timofey came up to me and showed me the following cartoon.

Just wanted to share so we could keep in mind how personal Christian faith is. Especially as it becomes less personal and less authentic. This sounds like a similar problem everywhere. Hmm, what to do?