Book Review: Sacred Hope by Joshua Hayden

Josh Hayden's Sacred Hope

Ancient Faith Series

I have recently read the books in the “Ancient Faith” series published by Barefoot and they are great for students. Hayden continues the strong showing of the series that will help students dive into formation issues of the Christian faith.

Really, this particular book should have been published first in my estimate. It provides an accessible glimpse of Christian hope to students of faith in Jesus. This book is definitely for the student that is seeking God and would like begin taking steps deeper into their faith.

The youth pastor or leader that is looking for a short book to help students develop a Kingdom focused faith language would love the imagery Hayden uses. Words like “signpost” and “imagination” will help students cultivate language for their faith as they make it their own. The words also imply a particular trajectory giving depth to an active faith.

The bonus and main reason I gave it four stars is that the author builds in some creative yet practical spiritual practices for the reader to use in their faith journey. They aren’t simply “read this” or “do that” or some creative practice a person wouldn’t think to do in their everyday life. They are practices a person can use to engage media as well as ancient texts daily.

My only “knock” on the book (hence 4 stars) is that it starts off a bit redundant. For the adult reader certain themes are repeated too often but a student with a less developed reading comprehension will most certainly need the redundancy to grasp Hayden’s “hope foundation.”



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