Convergence – Bringing New Life

“Where there is no love be love.” – St. John of the Cross

So my friends from Convergence Church have hit it on the head…faith that is! I’m a bit blown away by what they’re doing.

First, artists have been alienated by the Church for years. In many cases they are vilified. Convergence has done exactly as St. John of the Cross has encouraged us of faith to do…be love where love is absent. Artists have a place at Convergence where they are loved! God’s love is not absent because of who Convergence is continually becoming. What a testimony of faith.

Also, it occurred to me us traditional Church folk are often unsettled by what they are becoming. Jesus had this problem with the religious types as well. I guess it happens when God brings love to a part of creation that is void of it.

Keep it up Convergence! You’re showing us all the Way of Jesus.

Your Brother in Christ,