PBC Revolution Storying Process

Two weeks ago I intentionally started storying with my youth group. I’ve been reading, praying, and thinking about storying for a few years now and recently figured I need to start experiment, tweeking, and participating in the process beyond conversations with some youth worker friends and my own brain.

Two Wednesday nights ago I decided to explore some of the storying preparation resources I came across on Echo the Story. Mike Novelli has done some really helpful work in creating categories that not only communicate for the storying process but has been generous in providing those to people interested in this form of communication. Thanks Mike!

To begin, I almost jumped right into the biblical story as a way of learning with my group but realized the resources Mike listed included a preparation time. I took some of the recommendations he makes on his website and tweeked them for my youth group. We started by sitting in a circle and sharing short summaries of our favorite books or movies. Then I asked each “storyteller” to answer the following questions from Mike’s “Pre-Storying” suggestions:

* a favorite “scene” from the story in 30 seconds or less (i.e. reading an excerpt, or showing a movie clip)
* a summary of the story, including the setting and main characters
* how they have identified with a character(s) in the story
* how the characters may have changed in the story
* why they love the story and what makes it a good story
* how the story has affected their life

The coolest story I can share from the evening was when one of the teenagers, Adam, shared from my favorite story, Star Wars. He went with a Phantom Menace summary. It was both energetic and interesting to hear what parts he focused on from the film. When going through the questions I asked him “how could one of the characters have changed the story?” He responded by explaining Qui-Gon Jinn, a Jedi, could have been less “lame” and not died. Then maybe Jinn could have trained Anakin and Anakin wouldn’t have gone over to the dark side of the force. It was cool to see the light come on in so many faces at that discovery. I was excited because that is when I knew storying could work with the Bible.

I thought and read that it could but this was confirmation. I’ll share our second adventure in my next post. Hope you can join me in the process. Tell me some of your stories!