Participating in His story

So I went with my youth group to Wise, VA to help do some construction work on homes. So many things happened on this trip that it has been difficult to process.

Good things:
1) My youth group seems to have developed a bit of authentic community. Baby steps.

2) Some kids that didn’t know their place within our group found sanctuary and now are comfortable in their particular community role.

3) I bonded a bit with most of my youth workers. Purple Patrol was awesome friends! Jessica, one of our interns, is hilarious to go muddin with.

4) One of my students expressed a desire to serve the Lord in vocational ministry. This was a first for me and will always be a highlight in my participation in the kingdom.

Bad things:

1) Some of the group that went seems to have gone for the wrong reasons. How can I help shape this as a youth pastor better?

2) Because of the lodging some of my kids were left by themselves and really struggled to build relationships with others. There was no central place for community to happen. It was a lot of work to create that space.

Overall, the work was good and our group both participated in God’s work and was blessed. How eye opening is it when the homeowner of the home one is working on has no legs and tells you he wishes he could go on the roof to do the work? I tell you…anyone and everyone with legs will jump on the roof to work then.

Lastly, I was humbled by my first foot washing ceremony. One of my interns and I shared in this humbling experience. Then it happened again and again. One of my kids was so moved to tears that he washed many feet and said many prayers in what I felt was an authentic act of love. Thanks for sharing your life Chris W.