A Big God and that isn’t saying enough

So I’ve been traveling for two weeks in Italy with my wife for our 6th anniversary. It was an amazing trip. I can’t believe how wonderful it was and still is. I rediscovered some fun, smiled a lot, caught up with really good friends, drank some amazing wine, ate some really good food, thought a lot about my ministry in the world and was reaffirmed with how big God really is.

I’ve returned home though and am already aware of how small we make God and his kingdom in our little worlds. There is a church taking over another church…in my opinion just for their property and because they believe the one church has gone doctrinally astray. There are people asking folks if they have a relationship with God on the metro but ignoring all those that are different all around them. I mean why can’t the white guy share his so important message with all the other people? Sorry, lots of background on that one that isn’t worth posting.

These two stories of which I won’t go in depth have just hit a homerun combined with the Italian Catholic Church about how tiny our thoughts about God really are.

It is more than heaven and hell! I believe in a God that is restoring the world and wants to know his human creatures and his complete creation. I believe he is constantly moving to give us faith so that we can join him in his great work of this restoration. That is my hope and it is the essence of what I hope for. To see this happen in the lives of my kids (my youth group) and others, to see this happen in our environment, to see this happen in our professions and families, to see this happen is the work God has asked me to participate with him in.

If you want to join me and God let me know. I’d love to see what kind of story we can cocreate with God together.

Blessings on all of you – Tom


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