Mentoring and Youth Ministry

So I think we have a huge problem in the church…imagine that. There are so many good things going on and the Spirit is moving but I think we’re getting in the way by a specific inactivity.

Once upon a time…

a young man came to know Christ in a land far away from his home. He returned home with Christ and approached the local religious leader. He declared his desire to this leader a desire to serve Christ and the leader simply said that he thought it was a good idea.

Though the leader doubted the young man (or so he thinks this was the case) the young man dove into the mix and served into the kingdom. The leader seeing the leading of the Spirit dove into the kingdom by mentoring the young man.

They spent hours each week for 7 years talking the things of life, the things of the kingdom, the things of God. Do you have this relationship in your life my friends in youth ministry? Let us ask ourselves if this story shapes our story and then decide if it is time to live into this narrative.

The Time Between the Trees