“The Playstation War”

Yesterday my wife and I stopped by Toys R Us after dinner at the restaurant next door to the toy store.  We often enjoy wandering the aisles reliving some childhood memories. We picked up a game called “Pit” and continued to stroll. Eventually we ended up in the video game section. It is fascinating all the stuff that game consoles can do now. The Wii is quite cool. But, my eyes strayed towards Sony’s Playstation 3. I currently have a PS2 which I play a couple times a year. I really enjoy the activity at times.

As we left the store I wandered at what point the game units will drop in price so that they are more affordable. Little did I expect to wake up this morning check some news headlines and discover my lifestyle (this time occasional gaming) has dangerous consequences for less fortunate people around the world.

The headline on yahoo.com was

At what cost?: A metal used in Sony’s Playstation 2 and similar devices has resulted in drastic consequences. » The problem

For the story read here.

As I began reading my mind immediately turned towards the “Blood Diamonds” conflicts that a recent movie by that name made well known. Are we prepared to participate knowingly in this kind of war and trade?

Why am I focusing on this article? Our teenagers play these systems with vigor. We buy these systems for our kids. Do you think our kids want blood on their hands for some silly games. I don’t! Let’s help them become aware and see if they want to respond to wars and death that we are all causing simply because of ignorance. Here is a short YouTube video I found on the situation. Maybe if the kids know about how some companies are working they will want to hold them accountable? Maybe our kids can help free people from oppression rather than our churches saying it is enough to attract kids to our churches by hosting a “video game” night.