Aid to Louisiana/Myanmar


So the Baptist World Alliance in partnership with Habitat For Humanity has organized the construction of 18 homes over the last 2 years from the destruction of Hurricane Rita and Katrina. There is a ton of work to do down there. Try and get your church to go, organize, etc. if you’re up for some work.

You can see some posts and pictures of what is happening here . If you want to find out more and what you can do to help with anything “aid” related around the world, drop Julie Justus a line at the Baptist World Alliance. She works in the BWAid department and is a great resource.

On a personal note, my wife worked here for a couple years. She is away as I type working to build some homes. She and a number of people from my church, Church @ Clarendon, went down during one of the earlier weeks of the “blitzbuild.”

Hope you all can help. A link to their blog would be a great place to start. A second step would be to call Julie or email her @ here for info on the Myanmar/Burma disaster. Please click here to give to the Myanmar relief fund.

Basically, the BWA already has people in country because they work through local Baptists. The article covers more. A team is waiting for visas like everyone else. The trick is getting into help immediately and the BWA can do that since they work through local Baptist groups. It is likely your aid will get to those people almost immediately…at least before the massive international aid makes it into country. Also, start posting a couple of these things to your blogs if you can so we can spread the word.